A little Break

Dear reader, I know I have been away (due to important reasons) for long time. Though I have completed 3 drafts, without revisiting them, modifying them, publishing is simply not possible for me. And that possibility is ceased to exist for uncertain period. There always comes time, when you have to decide to focus on... Continue Reading →

Experimental Existence

Since the childhood, I always have wondered about the deep space and the infinite universe. WIth our ability to create similar conditions to the Big Bang, the study is carried out at CERN to find the answers to the fundamental questions. But if the advanced intelligence is out there, it may pose the question of our existence itself. Read complete article by clicking on the link.

Listen with Ears Open

     When my results for 12th and CET were out, I was little worried. Because those weren't very great marks to celebrate for. I even doubt whether those will fall around average line. But that was it. And I knew I'll have to live with those two facts rest of my life. Sooner I... Continue Reading →

To Anvi, With Love

It was the sunny afternoon when we were all standing, rather pacing in the lobby, outside the operation theater. Everyone was very tensed. Anxious. Afraid. Worried. Nervous. Panicked. And that every possible word in between and beyond. Yes. We felt that all at once. Of course, because two lives were at stake. But sooner we... Continue Reading →


नुकतच राष्ट्रगीत म्हणून आम्ही सगळेजण बसलो होतो. आमचे वर्गशिक्षक, थोरात सर हजेरी घेत होते. तेवढ्यात, "मे आय कम इन सर?" असा अशक्त आवाज दारातून आला. अंगाने एकदम सडपातळ, सावळ्या वर्णाचा, आमचा मित्र अक्षय खोकलत, छाती धरत दारात उभा होता. "अरे अक्षय, ये ना, आज उशीर कसा काय झाला?" थोरात सरांनी विचारले. "दवाखान्यात गेलो होतो" हातातल्या... Continue Reading →

Wheels And Pedals

Inspired after the Tata Motors volunteering event of cycle rally, we, the team of three decided to go on a cycle trip which gave us an unforgettable memories and experience along our way to Prati-Shirdi.

‘काशिद’वरची सायंकाळ

('काशिदच्या किनाऱ्यावर' पासून पुढे) समुद्राच्या पाण्यात खेळण्याचा मनमुराद आनंद त्यादिवशी घेतला. उंच लाटांवर तरंगत, एकमेकांना सांभाळत, अंदाज न आलेल्या लाटेमुळे खारट पाण्याची चव चाखत बराच वेळ घालवला. सूर्य डोक्यावर आला तेव्हा मात्र आम्ही तिथून काढता पाय घेतला. पाण्यातून बाहेर आलो तेव्हा अंगाला वारा झोंबू लागला. कसंतरी पटकन गाडीतून कपडे घेतले. आंघोळीची आणि कपडे बदलायची सोय... Continue Reading →

तापीचा काठ

'पूर्वेकडुन पश्चिमेकडे वाहणारी नदी' अशी आमच्या तापी ची ओळखं. तिचं खोरं आणि पात्र तसं मला फारचं मोठं वाटतं. काही ठिकाणी रुंद तर काही ठिकाणी खोल. पण समुद्रासारखं अथांग वाटणारं! मध्यप्रदेशात होणारा उगम ते महाराष्ट्रातून गुजरातेत अरबी समुद्रात एक होणारी ही नदी तिच्या प्रवासात बऱ्याच गावांचा कणा आणि आधार होते. आमचं गावही त्यातलंच एक. गावापासून काही... Continue Reading →

Shraddha’s Birthday

Later in the evening of 24th September, I received a call from Niha, one of my school friends. “Tomorrow is Shraddha’s birthday and her friends have arranged a surprise party for her. Are you coming?” I mean what kind of beginning was this? she didn’t even give me a chance to say ‘Hi’. And without... Continue Reading →

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