The office

It was quite cold when I reached H Block, might be due to trees on the either side of the road. The combination of morning sun heat and cold air was quite soothing though. After walking a bit, I went downstairs where Production office was located, near the facility of the engine assembly. Of course, to mention, the first day made me excited about the whole Internship. The interns I mate, the series of unexpected events, and the cordial handshake of my mentor lead me to presume that this internship will be extraordinary.

As I descended down, I heard sounds of nut runners, crane operations & engines. Of course, for an engineer like me, it’s a sound and not noise until the machine has something wrong within.  With the sheer excitement, I entered into the office, where I saw my mentor was busy in the meeting (Next day I learned that he will be always in meeting at that time, which I observed till the last day of my internship). In front of the entrance was the cabin of Assistant General Manager, which was in one of the corners, from where he could see most part of the office. Adjacent to the cabin was a conference room. The cabin and conference room had large windows, through which trees and the main road was clearly visible. The remaining portion of office was divided by the wall in the center. On the either side of the wall, there were three cubicles. Those were covered by the aluminum framed glass walls with square patterned coushions of blue color  upto midhight, relavent to the color of  TATA MOTORS logo. The wall had height of 5 feets with major openings so that each manager could discuss with each other. More precisely, no privacy. The nameplates at each cubicle indicated to which manager that desk belonged. The another side of the office had similar cubicle arrangements. At each location, I observed ‘5S’ sheet attached to the cubicle wall, an informative sheet on how to take care of desk’s cleanliness. The office appeared to me well organized at some portions. I kept my bag on the table of one of the cubicles and awaited for meeting to get over. I occasionally looked at AGM’s cabin for the same where the meeting was held. On my left, there was a large window through which I could see what we call a storage area. I could see a number of engines stored, each engine placed on the metallic structure called pallets. Some of the engines were placed on the specially designed trolleys of tractors, might be ready to take ride somewhere.

“Just go and study how engine assembly line works. Have a target of five days. Try to understand all the areas. Spend ample amount of time on the shop floor to get a better understanding of how the work is carried out.” Said my mentor, when he finished his meeting.

I spent couple of hours on the shop floor. It was very big & had a number of areas consisting of multiple operations. Each area had unique operations and supported other areas for final assembly of engines. At one area there were long conveyors holding engines which were under the process of assembly. I suppose the length of the conveyor was at least 100 meters. There were two such conveyors doing the duty without interruptions. This operation area, I felt quite interesting, for, I was looking at the manufacturing of vehicle’s heart. A number of metallic and nonmetallic parts joined together to form this heart, for, it was getting prepared to transfer tonnes of the load in the near future.

Shop floor consisted a couple of sophisticated machines, used to maintain the quality and ease of operations. Overhead cranes carried the engines along the areas of the shop floor to maintain the efficiency of the process by achieving speed. Pneumatic nut runners, sirens, alarms added background music whenever needed, and created a theme for the shop floor.

Sun followed its route to west quietly. I hardly recognized the time passing by, as, watching the heart of vehicle getting ready was fun. I was in the same state of excitement, for, I knew there was something interesting coming.

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