Wind of change

I was allocated to Engines Department during the internship. Very soon I started working on my project. Everyone in the office was very helpful from the first day. My mentor was a real leader, an enthusiast indeed. Everything was just going great. I was already excited! And then a couple of days followed, unfolded series of unexpected events which added cherry on top of the cake!

From the very beginning I was pretty sure that none of the interns I met on the first day would be allocated with me (It’s a long story). So, I made up my mind from the very moment that I would be the only intern there. I used to go to the breakfast and lunch alone to the main canteen. Until one day.

I was in the middle of something when Shubham called me. Shubham is my college friend, who was also doing internship with me but at a different department.

“Hey, could you make it to the main canteen today for lunch?” Shubham asked.

“Of course I can! I prefer going to the main canteen for lunch every single day! I will be there in 5” I replied enthusiastically. ( A lunch with friends is a pretty interesting idea!)

“Alright then! I’m on my way. See you there!” he said.

It was around 12:20, almost lunch time. So, after arranging my desk properly, I left for the main canteen. For records, Tata Motors (Pimpri) spreads across thousands of acres consisting 7 commercial vehicle departments and every department had independent canteen facility apart from Main Canteen.

I spotted Shubham with Swati and Chitransh (two of the four interns I met on the first day) when I was on my way to the canteen. I presumed that these three must have been allocated together, which happened to be true after speaking to them. I got to know that the other two interns, Mayur and Ameya were allocated to Vehicle assembly department which was just at 500 ft away from the main canteen. In a couple of moments, both of them joined us and we all went for lunch. After a week or so, new members were added to the group when I saw two new faces talking with Swati, Shubham, and Mayur.

“Gaurav this is Smita, Smita this is Gaurav” Swati gave the intro part.

“This is Chaitya” Said Mayur. (To mention, the group that day was complete!)

From that day onwards, we all had had lunch together.

My routine was no more similar. In the beginning, I used to have breakfast and lunch alone, but from that day onwards I was with the group! After entering into the company premises, answering the call of Mayur, Swati or Smita regarding breakfast became the-first-thing-to-do-in-the-morning. For lunch, Shubham called me every single day unless he was on leave. The parking lot and a couple of bikes became our temporary companions for our post-lunch-chat-session. (The time of this session increased gradually)

The temperature rose slightly when the month of February arrived. Chaitanya was on leave for rest of the month due to an accident he had met. Our post-lunch-chat-session continued, with lots of laughter, chats and so.There was something in those times which I didn’t notice. The events were about to unfold in the ways that I hadn’t possibly imagine. The events which became great memories. Memories worth remembering for life. In those times, there was a wind of change, of which I was completely unaware!

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