Puddle or Spring?

When my mind finds itself relaxed, it wanders in all possible directions as if there are no boundaries. I remember, it was Sunday. I found myself relaxed and thinking about my daily schedule. Well, I have joined Tata Motors couple of months back because of which 8 am to 5 pm job has become my routine. Just one month after joining, I happened to be present in the send-off function of the retiring person who served Tata Motors for around 40 years. Looking at my current flow rate of time and my routine as well, I wonder how come people survive this routine for 40 years of their life! But on the contradictory this is the thing that can actually make you think about what you are doing in life, and what you actually want to do with it. In the process one either thinks to become better or accepts whatever is happening, and ends up living life like a Puddle.

‘Experience’ plays a vital role in one’s life, be it professional or other. Because it teaches lot of things which we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I came across the following quote somewhere – ‘Decide for yourself whether you want to live life like a puddle, or like a spring.’ The quote seems to be easy to understand. But I believe there is a great difference between understanding and experiencing something. I understood this quote long time ago. But I just had an experience. When one spends 10 – 11 hours of a day in an office, then s/he understands the real value of the remaining time. How one utilizes this time has direct impact on his/her life. At this point there are two things one can do – either learn something extra about anything that can ensure growth or do nothing and let the time flow. Not only the remaining hours but also the time during the job is essential. One can always think of better ways to do the tasks, better ways to work, or to deliver the best.

Puddle is a metaphor for one’s life which has no growth at all or the growth is halted all by himself/herself. But on contradictory Spring is a metaphor for the life which embrace growth. To walk an extra mile in our work, learning something new everyday, having hobbies, chasing dreams are the things where Growth shows up! Anyone can live such life. But it is up to us what we choose to live our life – like a puddle or spring.

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