To Anvi, With Love

It was the sunny afternoon when we were all standing, rather pacing in the lobby, outside the operation theater. Everyone was very tensed. Anxious. Afraid. Worried. Nervous. Panicked. And that every possible word in between and beyond. Yes. We felt that all at once. Of course, because two lives were at stake. But sooner we heard your first cry and everyone was little relieved. Yes, Little. Because we didn’t hear anything about health conditions of both of you.
Every moment passing by, little by little, very very slowly, was feeling like an eternity. And then a doctor came out to report that both, mother and child were fine.
I can’t express in words how much relieved we were the moment we heard that. But then it was your cute cry that brought boundless joy to us. Everyone’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness. We congratulated each other. Hugged each other. Sooner we made phone calls to our loved ones to share this beautiful news.
“Please wait in the hall below as we have to shift the patient in the room” said one of the nurses.
A moment or so was passed and the same nurse called us upstairs saying that patient was in the room and resting.
We all went inside the room. There was your mother. Lying on the bed. Everyone noticed her happiness and smile. My mom dad and your mom dad, both were sooo happy!
“Now I’m going to call her by THAT name brother!” She said excitedly.
“Oh no! I did not see that coming. You are not going to call her Gauri aren’t you?” I questioned her. I knew what was brewing in her mind. Or at least I assumed.
“No. The other name”
“Oh yess! ANVI !!” This was the name that I also liked too much when she was listing all the names for girls and boys.
“Yes that’s it” she confirmed.
A moment after the doctor brought you inside. You were so little. So tiny. So cute. And so adorable. (Oh no! I’m falling short of words here!) You looked one little delicate princess. A sleeping beauty indeed. Your fingers so tiny, I was very amazed! Eyes so small but narrow, you looked like those chinese people.
When you cried, it sounded a lot cuter. Everytime we heard it, it was one soothing sound of all that we have ever heard and that brought smile on everyone’s face (We are really sorry for that).
Later in the evening my grandpa also came to visit you. He too was very happy to see you.
Everyone had to take a lot of efforts then. We had to look after you and also had to keep up with other routine things. Yes we did that all and every other thing. It was lot more hectic than you could think!
Very sooner than I imagined, you became the centre of our life. In my case, when I wake up, the first thing I see in the morning is your face. When I leave for the office, I couldn’t do so without seeing you. When I’m in the office, your thoughts would gather. When I come back home, the first thing I would do after getting fresh is to take you in arms, and keep on looking at you! No more TV or mobile or anything else. You and only you. You literally have changed life of everyone. Your mare existence did it all.
I must tell you that not always your cry sounds cute and there were moments when my heart literally sank due to that. When you cry more than little while, I become restless. Rather we all become restless. At that very moment, all of us have only one concern. To make you calm as soon as we can. I’m sure we will be facing lot of other situations in near future.
I’m writing this just after a week you were born. I’m not sure when you will read this. But time will come. Sooner or later. And whenever it comes, I want you to know that all of this has come with a price. Unbearable Pain. Your mother has gone through a lot of pain for you, which neither your dad nor I could ever imagine. Rest of us are putting efforts and are in negligible pain compared to your mother. But I’m sure we all will agree, even your mom, that it is worth it.
I must say that because of you I have realised that love is truly infinite. It is boundless. We all love you from bottom of our hearts. And always remember, I’m always there for you. No matter wherever I’m in this world, whenever you need me, I want you to know that I will be right by your side.
Untill then, to the newborn, to You, to our dearest Anvi, with lot of love!

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