About me

Hi reader!

I’m Gaurav, Garry as some of my friends prefer. I’m an Engineer by Profession, Production Engineer, to be precise. Currently I’m working in an Automobile Industry, which, I presume, is going to contribute to my professional growth.

The story of my engineering is very simple and as similar as an average Indian Engineer. In the beginning, I had no idea for which course I wanted to go for. Out of nowhere, I had to opt for Production Engineering or I was opted by that college, perhaps. Either way, I completed my engineering within the standard time with single digit rank consistently for last two years.

I wrote first article when I finished my 10th grade exam. Then never wrote anything.  Until one day. It was June of 2017 when I realised my love for writing and started the journey of ‘Anamnesis’.

Writing has always been an escape for me since then. Like a reader immerses in the book, I too started spending long hours in the writing. It became my short vacations, breaking the redundancies of daily routine, keeping me enthusiastic about everything!

Writing, for me, is recreating the very moments once lived . And that is one of the reasons for which I love writing. Anamnesis is about bunch of memories! It’s about events which leave indent in my life, it’s about experiences I come across!

Welcome Aboard!

And Yes! almost forgot! Happy Reading!


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