Wind of change

I was allocated to Engines Department during the internship. Very soon I started working on my project. Everyone in the office was very helpful from the first day. My mentor was a real leader, an enthusiast indeed. Everything was just going great. I was already excited! And then a couple of days followed, unfolded series... Continue Reading →

The office

It was quite cold when I reached H Block, might be due to trees on the either side of the road. The combination of morning sun heat and cold air was quite soothing though. After walking a bit, I went downstairs where Production office was located, near the facility of the engine assembly. Of course,... Continue Reading →

पहिला दिवस

डिसेंबरची २२ तारीख होती. सकाळी लवकरचं उठलो होतो. पुर्वेकडे रंगांची ऊधळण करत नवीन दिवसाचं स्वागत करण्यात निसर्ग मग्न होता. पक्षांचा किलबिलाट, थंड हवा आणि मानवी हस्तक्षेप नसणारी शांतता यामुळे वातावरण अल्हाददायक वाटतं होतं. थोडावेळ बाहेरच निवांत ऊभं राहुन या वातावरणाचा आनंद घ्यायचा ठरवलं. काही क्षण जाऊ दिले आणि मग दिवसाची कामं करायला सुरवात केली. सगळं... Continue Reading →

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